A Discussion With Callie Khouri, NASHVILLE, and Rola Bauer, STUDIOCANAL TV

Join us for an extraordinary conversation with one of television’s leading creators. Callie Khouri, the Executive Producer of NASHVILLE, accompanied by moderator Rola Bauer, Managing Director of STUDIOCANAL TV, will discuss not only her own work, but the impact of Women in Storytelling globally. Some of the most challenging, popular and cutting-edge content is being created by Ms. Khouri and her female peers…and this fireside chat-style session will address the hurdles and rewards of charting a path to top-level success as a woman in the televised arts. Be there to celebrate how far we’ve come, and where we go from here.


Rola Bauer – Managing Director, STUDIOCANAL TV


Callie Khouri – Creator/Executive Producer, NASHVILLE