Throughout its history, NATPE has presented the following awards:

Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award
Iris Awards 
Creative Achievement Award 
Chairman’s Award 
NATPE Educational Foundation Award 
NATPE Scholarship Award
NATPE Digital Luminary Award
NATPE Reality Innovator Award
NATPE Reality Breakthrough Award
NATPE Unscripted Breakthrough Award

Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards

The Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards were inaugurated in 2004 and presented at a special reception held during the NATPE Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas. Named in honor of Brandon Tartikoff, arguably one of the medium’s greatest programmers whose imprint on the television industry will be viewed forever, the Legacy Awards were created to recognize a select group of television professionals who exhibit extraordinary passion, leadership, independence and vision in the process of creating television programming and to evoke the spirit of Tartikoff’s generosity. The Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards are held in association with Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and Variety. Legacy Award submissions are initially collected online through NATPE’s website with NATPE’s Executive Committee and the executive editorial staffs of the sponsoring trade publications making the final selection of honorees.

In announcing the inaugural Legacy Award recipients, NATPE President and CEO Rick Feldman stated,’…These Awards were specifically designed to honor those who champion excellence in the development and creation of programming…’

Chairman’s Award (1980 to 2003)

NATPE’s President’s Award was first introduced in 1980 and presented to Lew Klein, co-founder of NATPE and Gateway Communications during its annual Conference & Exhibition. The President’s Award, renamed the NATPE Chairman’s Award in 1989, recognized outstanding contributions by individuals and companies for the advancement of the television industry and is given at the discretion of the NATPE Chairperson. View complete list of Chairman’s Award Recipients.

Creative Achievement Award (1965 to 2002) NATPE’s Man of the Year award was first introduced in 1965 and honored an individual who made an outstanding contribution to the television industry. In 1975, when the Man of the Year was a female journalist by the name of Barbara Walters, the award name was changed to NATPE’s Person of the Year award. In 1979, the name was shortened to simply Award of the Year but in 1990, it was changed again, this time to NATPE’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1999, the award was further defined by changing its name once more, to NATPE’s Creative Achievement Awards, and is now given out at the discretion of the NATPE board of directors when it is felt that there is a deserving recipient.

Iris Awards (1968 to 2000)

The Program Excellence Awards were first introduced in 1968 and were later renamed the NATPE Iris Awards in 1977. As the only national award to honor quality local programming, NATPE’s annual Iris Awards were the industry’s symbol for programming excellence, coveted by both the creative community as well as television station and cable system management. Recognizing that it takes a little more to deliver good local programming – more patience, more time and usually more creativity to compensate for the limited budgets that are synonymous with local programming – the Iris Awards were judged by industry executives who understood what it took to get the job done. In addition to industry recognition, NATPE’s Iris Awards also provided local program producers with a career enhancing opportunity to meet key decision-maker from the nation’s leading television companies. These awards were presented in conjunction with the annual NATPE Conference and Exhibition through 1997. In 1998, 1999 and 2000, the awards were presented during a special luncheon ceremony in Los Angeles.

NATPE Educational Foundation Award (1992 to 1998)

Introduced in 1992, the Educational Foundation Award was presented to Alex Haley for his phenomenal success with Roots, changing the face of television and educating millions about America’s history and its struggles with slavery. The Educational Foundation Award would continue to be bestowed on companies and individuals in recognition for their excellence in and support of using television programming as an educational tool. The award is presented at the discretion of the president and board of the NATPE Educational Foundation.

NATPE Scholarship Award (1969 to 1983)

Introduced in 1969, the award name was changed to Lee Waller Memorial Scholarship Awards in 1976 and increased to four scholarships. In 1979, Mort Rosenman’s name was also added to the Scholarship awards. In 1984, Faculty Development Grants replaced Scholarship Internship Awards.