NATPE Analytics & Addressability at NAB Show New York

OCTOBER 22, 2020

Is What We Knew No Longer True?

How do brands measure attitudinal data to ensure a positive response and avoid a consumer or fan revolution, or worse, consumer off an abandonment?

When the heck to use the tech?

When is it advantageous to use new technology to help sift through the data and apply it where it will serve the greatest benefit, create predictive behavior models, and influence viewer choices?

So much data, yet so little time!”

What are the current challenges of data overload and how can we offer options for leveraging all information by utilizing addressable platforms?

The 2020 View of What’s New”

What is the new 2020 view of the business of data and its practical application to addressability? How to add more cost efficiency and accuracy in targeted programming advertising?