Join us for an unusual and timely approach to the usual, time-worn conversation about data analytics and addressability.*

NATPE Analytics & Addressability
at the NAB Show, New York

*Agenda is under active development. Please check back often for updates.

12:00 – 12:10 PM ET:
Opening Remarks

Welcome by J P Bommel, CEO & President, NATPE
Opening Remarks by Carlos Greer, Page Six; Senior Reporter. 

JP Bommel, CEO & President, NATPE
Carlos Greer, Host, Page Six

12:10 – 12:30 PM ET:
Opening Keynote
Crawl, Walk, RUN!!
How the Pandemic Jumpstarted Advertisers’ Advanced TV Strategies

(Focus: Marketing, Research and Addressability)

Consumers’ viewing behavior has changed—along with everything else this year. Comcast Advertising’s Claudio Marcus and CIMM’s Jane Clarke discuss why viewers are leaning in to TV, in all its forms, more than ever before, and how advertisers are using data to reach them wherever and whenever they’re viewing. While 2020 saw an acceleration in advanced TV advertising trends, what will be the lasting impact of pandemic-caused changes on both viewers’ TV habits and advertisers’ approaches to TV advertising – and most importantly, why does it matter?

Jane Clarke
, CEO & Managing Director Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)

Claudio Marcus, VP Strategy, Comcast Advertising

12:30 – 1:00 PM ET:
Panel Discussion-
When the heck to use the tech?

(Focus: Technology, Research Analytics, Promotions and Privacy.)

Our panel discusses ways to make addressability successful through improved interactivity, enhanced options for measurement and better content protection for privacy.  New apps, new platforms and new software allow us to collect, analyze and apply more and more data. But when is it advantageous to use technology to sift through the data and apply it where it will serve the greatest benefit, create predictive behavior models, and protect the privacy of a viewer’s choices?

Court Stroud, Managing Director, The Cledor Group

Nil Shah, CEO, Verance Corporation
Ed Knudson, Chief Revenue Officer, Canoe Ventures

1:00 – 1:30 PM ET:
Panel Discussion –
So much data, yet so little time!

(Focus: Addressability, and Research Analytics)

Is it true? There is more data than researchers, media buyers and marketers can use in their addressable media plans? Or do we need to find ways to better utilize and apply this mounting mass of data?  This panel discusses the current challenges of data overload and offers options for leveraging all this information by utilizing addressable platforms.

E.B. Moss, Journalist / Marketer, Moss Appeal

Rachel Herbstman, VP, Platform Analytics, Cadent Addressable
Charlie Sung Shin, Vice president Strategy & Analytics, Major League Soccer
Josh Raper, VP, Marketing, Affinity Answers

1:30 – 1:45 PM ET:
Case Study –
The 2020 View of What’s New: Data, Standardization, Ad Frequency, and International Markets

(Focus: Programming, Marketing, and Viewership Promotion)

Researchers are saying that the pandemic shutdown shifted the processes for gathering and evaluating data as well as drove home the need for standardization of measures for the entire industry, worldwide. What other changes can we see in advertising including programmatic and ad frequency? Our gust discusses the new 20 20 view of data analytics and its practical application to targeted, addressable programming, and programmatic advertising.

Enrique R. Martínez, Chairman of the Board & CEO, LAMAC

Chris Pizzurro
, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing, Canoe Ventures

1:45 – 2:00 PM ET:
Case Study –
The 2020 View of What’s New: The Way To Reach Kids Today

(Focus: Programming, Research Technology, Marketing, and Viewership Promotion)

Kids are watching more hours of online video since the COVID shutdown, increasing their value to marketers and brands. PBS Kids teams up with Kid’s Insights to present a case study that reflects the most recent viewer data about kid’s, their attitudes, behaviors and viewing choices, and how kids are influencing purchase of licensed merchandise, products and more.

Andrea Schutzman
, Director, Audience Insights, PBS Kids
Jonathan Watson, Chief Product Officer, Kids Insights

2:00 – 2:10 PM ET:
Closing Remarks