Biopics: The Global Success of Latin American Stories

Latin American history and culture is populated by larger than life characters from all walks of life who are either beloved or controversial. Television has become the outlet where stories of these icons are being told. From musical superstars (Celia Cruz, Juan Gabriel, Sandro) to cultural icons (Blue Demon), drug dealers (Pablo Escobar, El Chapo) and even politicians (Hugo Chavez), these biopics are resonating with TV audiences globally thanks in part to somewhat familiar stories where true events are stranger and more fascinating than fiction and the timelessness of human trials and tribulations. Make a point of hearing the inside story of Latin American biopic storytelling in this globally important session.


Bruno del Granado – Agent, Creative Artist Agency


Mary Black Suarez – Executive Vice President, Production And Development, SOMOS Productions

Juana Maria Uribe – Vice Prsesident, Network, Caracoltv Colombia

Camila Misas – Creative Vice President, Sony Pictures Television

Mari Urdaneta – CEO, Dhana Media

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