Engaging Viewers and Getting Them to Return (Part 3 of 8)

Comedy was most often mentioned as a genre that works well for short form including prank shows, and content that doesn’t require a lot of set-ups. Much of this type of content is also personality driven. An important element in engaging viewers and getting them to return for more is a connection with talent.  Talent has typically included people who are unknown and build a following but also uses known celebrities, and this trend will likely continue.

Short-form is great for a number of different things. Comedy obviously plays very well in short-form, quick jokes, in and out, not a lot of explanation of narrative plays out well.  Ideally, disposable– listicle and/or punchy headline-grabbing sort of content plays out well in short form. Personality-driven, direct to camera, engaging the audience type of content also plays out extremely well in short form. The most successful are unscripted and comedies. And then, there’s even unscripted comedy like pranking shows–Unsuccessful genres for this medium usually include dramas and horrors.

Several other types of content fall under the unscripted umbrella as being ideal for short form including any reality unscripted, such as lifestyle genres; food, cooking, travel, fashion, beauty.  Food and cooking are especially popular categories.

Food because it’s just a category that isn’t just instructional. It’s also kind of like food for pleasure, for enjoyment. Sports: Just think about the highlights package or highlights reel. Its got a rhythm. It probably will get a lot of love. And other self-help, instructional or informative content that combines information with purchase opportunities.

For example, look at the popular verticals that BuzzFeed or Light Entertainment verticals tend to put out.  Reviews, entertainment reviews, have been a popular category.  Those are few of the categories that are– again, some are between review and shop-ability, some are between review and commerce. Beauty falls into that. Cars definitely falls into that. There are a lot of really good car video on additional platforms.

Tastemade is more focused on food. Vice is obviously more news-oriented.  What’s important is delivering the best of what your brand is, and that doesn’t mean the same way that you have influencers who are delivering on their brands.

This article is part of a study conducted by E-Poll Market Research and was produced for NATPE and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).