It’s A Whole Universe

Gaming has long been a part of our TV screens, so it’s only fitting that a company like Digital Forest Corporation uses television to reach a wider audience of gamers. This is one of the reasons the company decided to attend NATPE Miami in January 2016 and in January 2017.

In addition to publishing and public relations divisions, Digital Forest Corporation consists of:

  1., an online platform that includes news, feature articles, reviews, blogs, and a discussion and comment section.
  2. GamanoidTV, a 24/7 gaming channel with live reports of gaming festivals and exhibitions from all over the world. Plus the usual news and reports.
  3. Gamanoid Cybersport Festival; Esports festivals with prize money (1,000 000 roubles or approximately $15,000 U.S.) in major cities.
  4. Gamaprofit, a Russian advertising, and marketing agency.

Gamanoid is accessible in the U.S. and Europe. Also, COO Anna Sharonova believes that gaming is the power of now and the future.

“It’s a whole universe, and we’re diving into it,” Sharonova says.

“Gamanoid creates content that is exclusively dedicated to the gaming industry. And this is not just your ordinary letsplay or streaming. It’s a full-circle production empire with its own TV channel that talks exclusively about video games. If you want to learn more about video game festivals and fantastic conventions, which are very hard to get to – here you go: live news and our event coverage will make you a real-time participant in all those festivals.”

Sharonova talks about gaming as a career path, hobby, or entertainment for everyone who prefers it to binge-watching TV shows or watching other sporting events.

“Gamers are a very sophisticated people,” she shares. “The gaming industry is not something that is catching up after having been overtaken by movies and film, by the size of the budgets and audience, or quality of the “picture.” Hence, experienced gamers are very selective. Our task then is to tell gamers about their culture and the environment they’re accustomed to — non-standard, high-quality, and original.”

The company is working hard to fulfill a need that has been there for a long time.  According to research by NewZoo, there are more than 2 billion gamers, and that number will continue to grow, by the general growth of the industry, Sharonova adds.

“As for a variety of video content for this army, it doesn’t exist. There are letsplay and streaming, on which individual bloggers are gaining unprecedented popularity,” she explains.

“However, gaming broadcasts are not the only video genres that are interesting. Compare the gaming industry and big sports. Television channels broadcast things other than the games themselves, right? There are a huge amount of talk shows, game shows, documentaries, and artistic films about athletes, with all kinds of lists, charts, and reviews. But what about games?” she asks. “The variety is low, to put it mildly.”

Sharonova admits the challenge Digital Forest Corporation and Gamanoid in particular faces is that content is ever-evolving, sometimes quicker than a company can produce. “The momentum of our potential audience is so great that, when speaking of our viewers, virtually everyone has some kind of gadget, whether it’s a mobile phone, console, or notebook. Games are played by people of all ages and social status. Games are a reality that you can immerse yourself in to hide from your problems, rest, and forget.”

In addition to utilizing the usual online streaming formats (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) to get their product out there, the company is also brought some new programs to NATPE17.

Gamanoid World: a film crew travels around the world in search of the most exciting, spectacular, and grandiose events that are in some way connected to gaming. Watch Now

Game-o-Phobia: “Is a version for English-speaking viewers. It’s not just a show about horror games, “ says Sharonova. “It’s a real journey into the most remote and unexplored corners of horror gaming. At what point does this virtual fear become real? We prove that games can be frightening.”

“Mad Carz: The premiere will be held in Russia at the start of next year. It will be a gift for all the fans of Top Gear and video games at the same time. We will not reveal all our cards yet. We’ll just show you the trailer and promise that it’ll be really cool!”

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