NATPE Will Always Put Content First!

NATPE President and CEO, JP Bommel reflects on a busy NATPE Miami Market & Conference and the new initiatives that were launched.

There’s nothing like NATPE and this week in Miami was another installment of a gathering that has long been a pioneer in content. I am honored to be leading this organization, which I have long considered to be the pre-eminent industry market and conference.

We’re so glad that everyone here could ‘Be a Part of It’ – our theme this year. NATPE will always put content first because the content is the single most important element of the entire television ecosystem. Everything else revolves around it. For one week in this beautiful location, we can all come together at both hotels, making deals, building relationships and learning how to be at the forefront of our exciting business.

This year, we launched three initiatives – NATPE Music, NATPE Scripted and the NATPE Station Group Summit – to great success. Music is content and is integral to the creation of programming. Including the music community in the conversation here in Miami is a natural progression for an event that has always brought the entire content community together.

NATPE will always ways find ways to develop new platforms and means of distribution emerge, but station groups are still at the core of our event. Making the summit a major part of our program this year was a priority for me in my first year at the helm, and I feel it was a success. There was much talk of original programming from local stations, which confirms that local is the new global. We will definitely bring this important track back next year and we hope our members will let us know how we can improve on this exciting debut.

We’re in a golden age of programming. There has never been a time in the history of television quite like this – and when I say television, I mean all screens. We are well beyond television being just the one box in our living rooms. Cell phones, laptops, tablet computers – every screen is a television now. Because of the technological age we live in, high-quality content can be found anywhere. We watch television, no matter what screen that may be called. We are so happy that representatives from new and traditional distribution platforms and content creators were able to collide here at NATPE and learn from one another.

The market and conference might be ending for another year, but NATPE is a 365-day organization. One of our next points of focus is the industry’s up-and-comers through the creation of a new initiative, NATPE Next Gen. It offers our next generation of leaders ways to enhance their burgeoning careers and establish strong relationships for the future through exclusive and intimate year-round, bi-coastal programming forums.

We are also eager to see many of you again at NATPE Budapest, which will take place in Hungary’s vibrant capital from June 19 to 22. NATPE Budapest has not only proven to be an excellent spotlight for local producers in Central and Eastern Europe but also a chance to bring the region, which is quickly on the rise, further into the international spotlight.

We are working on several new initiatives to make this the must-attend event for buyers, distributors and local broadcasters with an interest in doing business in the CEE territories and provide these participants access to global opportunities.

The industry is continuing to evolve rapidly and we will continue to evolve with it. We thank everyone for joining us this year in Miami and we look forward to seeing you again soon at one of our year-round events, which are created to keep us all engaged and learning.

NATPE Miami provides a number of opportunities to get your company, product or service in front of the decision-makers charting the course of content creation for tomorrow.  For information on exhibition packages, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact your NATPE sales executive,  call  +1 310 453 4440 or send a note to

This article was originally published in the Day 2 issue of the NATPE Daily. Read more from NATPE Daily Day 3.