Budapest, Hungary: 26 June 2018: Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC) has today signed a deal with Viasat World at NATPE BUDAPEST. The international media company has secured the rights to broadcast the Emmy Award-winning docudrama Scars of Nanking on Viasat History in July 2018.

Seniha Tunaboylu, Head Of Content And Acquisitions, Viasat World, and Li Hanchun, Deputy Director of International Department, JSBC signed the deal today, with Li Sheng, Vice President of Jiangu Broadcasting Corporation and CEO of NATPE, JP Bommel also in attendance the event and witnessing the signing of the deal.

On securing the rights to air the docudrama on Viasat History across CEE, Tunaboylu comments: “Our Viasat History audience is very loyal and discerning, and we are committed to bringing them more of the world-class, acclaimed content that they crave. With this deal, our important partnership with JSBC continues to deepen. Scars of Nanking is a fantastic addition to our programme line up for July, and we can’t wait to see how it performs on the channel.”

Li Sheng comments: “The Nanking Massacre is a very important historical event during World War II. I believe the screening of Scars of Nanking on Viasat History will let more European audiences know about the forgotten holocaust. It is also a great pleasure for JSBC and Viasat World to partner, bringing world-class content to a bigger audience.”

Scars of Nanking won the nominations of Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Single Camera Editing in 45th Daytime Emmy, and finally received the award for Outstanding Cinematography.

In Scars of Nanking, American missionaries struggle to save Chinese civilians from slaughter and rape at the hands of Japanese invaders and to smuggle out evidence of the infamous Nanking Massacre of 1937. During the brutal invasion of China in 1937 by Imperial Japanese forces, tens of thousands of civilians and prisoners of war were murdered and women raped in the city that was then the Chinese capital. Today it is known simply as “The Rape of Nanking.” Many fled before the invasion. But 22 foreigners did not leave Nanking.

This is the story of some of those who chose to stay in the face of grave personal danger—American missionaries, some of them educators, others doctors or ministers, all determined to do what they could to help safeguard a quarter of a million Chinese civilians. Not only do they put themselves directly in harm’s way to protect women from rape and both men and women from random execution and murder—these Americans play a key role in bringing evidence of the Nanking Massacre to the rest of the world.

One missionary, Father John Magee, films the aftermath of atrocities, while another, George Fitch, risks everything to clandestinely spirit the films out of the city. Dr. Robert Wilson saves countless lives as the only remaining surgeon in Nanking, and a heroic teacher, Minnie Vautrin, prevents hundreds of rapes singlehandedly. Their stories come to life through the letters and diaries they actually wrote during that terrible time as they bear witness to one of the worst wartime atrocities in history.

NATPE’s JP Bommel looks on as Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation closes deal with Viasat World for docudrama Scars of Nanking.


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