NATPE is committed to providing world-class destinations for program buyers and sellers.  Evolving to meet the demands of a changing media landscape, NATPE||Europe delivers a first look at fresh content held just after the LA Screenings, giving industry leaders a jump-start on monetizing their projects. NATPE||Europe, held in the city of Prague, is a catalyst in the content revolution - providing the Central and Eastern European media industry with a dynamic market.

NATPE has made it a priority to attract top buyers, increase connectivity and help maximize deal flow resulting in revenue. The 4-day Market & Screenings:

Attracted 350+ key buyers from 45+ countries

  • From TV Channels, Broadcast Networks, Cable/Satellite Networks, Internet/Broadband/Digital/Mobile Platforms and  Home Entertainment 
  • 152 exhibiting companies


NATPE||Europe Market and Screenings, held June 22-25, 2015 at the Hilton Prague Hotel, is the companion to our highly successful Miami-based international content market held January 19-21, 2016. Focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, NATPE||Europe brings key regional buyers and global sellers together in an intimate market setting which allows for quality meetings where new business relationships start, and deals are closed.

NATPE||Europe, held in Prague, follows on from NATPE||Budapest the long running event which was previously known as “Discop.” Our move from Budapest to Prague represents a deep and ongoing commitment to the EEC countries and their growing television and content businesses. The facilities of the Hilton Prague Hotel enable the market, screenings, special events, networking and social events to take place under one roof. Buyers also get a ‘first look’ at U.S. studio programming – vital for those who aren’t able to attend the LA Screenings in May. 

Who is NATPE?

NATPE (National Association of TV Program Executives) was created as a nonprofit trade organization back in 1964.  In 2013, we celebrated our 50th year. NATPE began as a marketplace for domestic U.S. buyers and sellers of TV content mostly for broadcast TV stations.  Over the past decade, NATPE has been transformed into the #1 U.S.-based global multiplatform video content marketplace. Now, with NATPE||Miami in January and NATPE||Europe in June, we connect over 6500 TV professionals in a vibrant, transactional, global year-round marketplace. NATPE also maintains an Educational Foundation and produces other events throughout the year to enrich the opportunities for students, professors and TV professionals. NATPE added “CONTENT FIRST” to our name to better allow us to expand and conform to the new realities of the digital marketplace. 

Delivering the world's best content, the market primarily covers Central and Eastern Europe, a world region fueled by:
  • 1000+ TV Stations with national coverage
  • 3000+ Regional, Local and Thematic Channels produced/dubbed in local languages
  • 200+ Major Pay-TV Platforms (Satellite/Cable/Telco)
NATPE||Europe is attended by:
  • 250+ Content Buyers
  • 150+ Suppliers of movies, TV series, dramas, telenovelas, TV formats and packaged TV channels servicing Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
  • 600+ Participants representing 47 countries