NATPE Miami Conference Intern Application


College students wishing to apply for an internship at the 2020 NATPE Market & Conference may submit their application materials online.  

Submission deadline:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Each year, college student interns assist with information distribution, registration, seminar seating, publications and other assignments that help the event go smoothly. The conference is not open to the public thus the student interns receive a unique, behind-the-scenes view of the television industry. 

Companies and individuals involved in buying, selling, developing, financing, advertising, marketing or licensing content, implementing technology, exploiting rights, or leveraging media assets, attend the annual NATPE Market & Conference each January.

  • Interns put in long hours, including walking and standing for extended periods, but each student has an all-access pass to the conference.  
  • For 2020, interns would be needed in Miami from Sunday, January 19th until Thursday evening, January 23rd.  
  • The conference is held at the Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach.

For more information about NATPE or the conference, visit:

Who is eligible?

You should be 21 years old and a currently enrolled, full-time college or university student. December graduates may apply.  Students younger than 21 may apply but must furnish a signed parental waiver if invited to participate. All majors are eligible to apply; students with a major in a media-related field are the ideal candidates for this experience. 

NATPE is primarily recruiting interns from colleges or universities in the Greater Miami-Dade-Fort Lauderdale areas. Students from other locations would be responsible for accommodation expenses at or near the conference site.

If selected you must:

  • Arrange transportation to and from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
  • Be available to work from Sunday evening, January 19th until Thursday evening, January 23rd..
  • Dress appropriately; attire for the event is smart casual… Khaki or other slacks.

What does NATPE provide?

NATPE provides meals, conference registration materials, access to the conference, and a local, ground transportation allowance to the conference area. 

How do I apply?

Upload a cover letter, resume, a recent photo, and a letter of recommendation.

Your letter and resume should tell us:

  • Why you should be selected as a NATPE intern and what you have to contribute as an intern
  • What activities you have been involved in at school
  • Any special skills you possess (production, typing, foreign language, computers, etc.)
  • Your Letter of Recommendation should be written by a college faculty member who knows you through class or other school activities
  • Please identify any conflicts that might restrict the hours you are available for intern duties
  • A photograph to help NATPE staffers get to know your face prior to the conference

Questions? Please contact Greg Pitts by phone +1 (615) 648-1995 or email: or

Supply the requested information and then upload your application materials, below:

NATPE Miami 2020 Conference Intern Application

Applicant Information

Please identify the College or University Professor who made you aware of the NATPE internship: