Framing Your Show One Lyric at a Time: The Role of the Music Supervisor

Great music design is critical for engaging your audience. Effective music supervision includes design, budgetary strategy and marketing. Great music design can also increase social media content and followers. It starts with great music supervision, creative artists who also understand how to collaborate with writers, directors, producers and others to devise the best possible soundtracks. NATPE17 brings together the brightest stars in this unique universe for a conversation that will illuminate and inform regarding how these components align to create true onscreen magic. It’s a session you’ll definitely enjoy listening to…


Maureen Crowe – Founding President, Guild of Music Supervisors


PJ Bloom – Music Supervisor, Partner, Neophonic Music & Media

Gary Calamar – Music Supervisor, GO Music

Tammy Hurt – Managing Partner, Endeavor Sound

Morgan Rhodes – Music Supervisor, (Independent)

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