Global Content Business Forum: International Data and Discussion

Worldwide changes and new opportunities in creating, selling, buying and distributing content are now a daily occurrence. Both legacy businesses and emerging platforms require innovative leadership and the ability to adapt to a shifting business landscape. Which business models are breaking the mold when conducting transactions across existing and new regional windows? Which formats and programs are making an impact with viewers and providing ROI for distributors, channels and OTT platforms? This multi-level session will provide freshly obtained data and a “deep dive” conversation with top-level business leaders. Prepare yourself for even greater success at the NATPE Budapest International market by attending this invaluable conference session. (Presentation materials will be made available to registered NATPE participants.)

Gary Woolf
Salim Mukaddam
Courtney Williams
Andrew Sime
Graeme Stanley
Seniha Tunaboylu

Parrot Analytics: Leading global audience demand analytics across TV, Movies and Talent

Demand is the currency of the attention economy Parrot Analytics has developed a metric to rate not only the number of viewers for given shows, but their likelihood of attracting subscribers to a streaming service.” Capturing audience demand from 2B+ people globally DEMAND360 captures demand signals in every country on the planet.


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