How GMs Lead in a Digital World

The linear television leader is challenged with continuing a dominant position in the digital space. There is also the opportunity for broadcast competitors to strategically and creatively establish their brand into the dominant position on the digital platform. For success in the Digital World, the General Manager, in addition to applying established leadership qualities must surround themselves with digital product experts. Enlisting knowledge will empower the GM to communicate direction, lead ingenuity, and provide the vision to identify and develop opportunities for digital product success. Advancing technologies and consumer trends in digital means constantly embracing change and flexibility. Today’s television, digital platforms and new business opportunities will be eclipsed by tomorrow’s ATSC. Don’t follow the crowd…lead the way and gain the inside track by attending this fascinating discussion.


Ray Carter – Vice President and General Manager, CMG TV Pittsburgh/WPXI


Robert Weisbord – Chief Operating Officer, Sinclair Digital Group

John Conway – General Manager, / CBC New Media Group

Susana Schuler – EVP Operations, Raycom Media

Alex Martin – EVP, WCAX-TV

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