Humberto Duran Director of Feature programming CGTN America 250×250

Humberto Duran is the Director of Feature programming for the CGTN office in North America.

Based in Washington D.C., Duran is responsible for Big Story, Full Frame and Americas Now, all leading long-form magazine shows that showcase social, economic, and environmental trends from around the world.

Under Duran’s leadership, CGTN has produced over 50 films and received multiple awards including Gold Medals from the New York International Film festival for Reinventing Cuba and The Ambulance. In 2020, the Features unit produced a 15-episode series called 24 Hours to show the effects of COVID in the world’s most vulnerable places. The series was translated into six languages and distributed in multiple markets. This year, the CGTN Features unit received 16 Telly Awards, five medals in the New York Festivals, a Clarion Award and was finalist in the international Rockie Awards.