International Productions: An Executive Leadership Discussion

In an effort to navigate the perpetually changing media business, producers and studios are searching for more global distribution opportunities than ever before. At the same time, international broadcasters continue to seek top producers to create original content for first-run distribution. In contrast to acquisitions and syndication, these broadcasters want original characters, stories, and fresh talent. The focus of this discussion will be on current efforts to build relationships between these two groups: Which companies are succeeding in connecting international broadcasters to the elite producers of today’s peak TV environment? What are the models by which independent studios are able to fund larger orders, creating more business for every stakeholder? Our panel of industry leaders will discuss adapting their process and creating content that crosses both borders and cultures.

# Özge Bulut Marasli
# Jane Turton
# Alejandro Rincon
# Rola Bauer
# Jesse Whittock