Leading Voices from Audible, GroupM, Acast, Exile Content Studios, Nielsen, Riverside.FM, RoosterTeeth, SiriusXM, Triton Digital, Veritone, ViacomCBS, Wolf Entertainment and more take the Virtual Stage on July 14th

Los Angeles, June 28, 2021 – The premier global business association for content producers, distributors, streamers, and buyers across all platforms, National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) today announced the closing keynote for the inaugural NATPE Virtual: ContentCast – The Business of Podcasting Content. Storied actor turned podcaster Kevin Pollak (“The Usual Suspects”, “A Few Good Men”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) will take the stage with iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group CEO Conal Byrne. The one-on-one conversation will cover Pollak’s experience performing on different screens and as an early podcast adopter (“Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show” and “Alchemy This”), and Byrne’s role in developing and monetizing content for different platforms.

NATPE Virtual: ContentCast is free to register and will take place July 14, 2021. To register, go to NATPE.com/ContentCast/Attend

In the first event from the organization dedicated to the intersection between audio and television in the content industry, NATPE will lead discussions on taking IP from podcast to screen, and as a powerful tool for film and television brands to service their audience. Additional companies represented on stage during the events include Acast, Audible, GroupM, iHeartMedia, Imperative Entertainment, Lantigua Williams & Co., QCODE, RoosterTeeth, SiriusXM, Veritone, ViacomCBS, Wolf Entertainment, Triton Digital, and more.

NATPE ContentCast is the next of a string of events being produced under the NATPE VIRTUAL banner, followed by NATPE StreamingPlus, and NATPE Miami 2022.

For more information and tickets visit www.NATPE.com for more information on this prestigious event. 


NATPE is the largest U.S-based global content association and professional membership organization dedicated to shaping the future of content through global marketplaces and conferences, screenings, awards, and networking events, including NATPE Miami Marketplace + Conference, L.A. Screenings Independents, NATPE Budapest International and NATPE Streaming Plus.  Having launched NATPE Virtual, the global, year-round platform, the organization is fulfilling its mission to be one-stop shop for content.  NATPE V-Fronts™ is a stand-alone, custom-curated opportunity for all distributors and producers globally to provide screenings and showcases anywhere and at any time.  Representing every facet of the content business, NATPE, with a history of over five decades, is committed to representing the needs of its evolving members and constituents across all platforms and to bringing them together to be the indispensable resource in the evolution of content as the conduit to connectivity, business insights and opportunity.

For more information, please visit www.natpe.com.


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