• More than 100 international buyers reveal insights into the main content trends in the global marketplace
  • Series, dramas and digital rights lead the buyer demand, according to the “Global Buyers Survey”
  • Scripted takes again the lead compared to Unscripted, but Unscripted has grown considerably compared to VS Autumn 2020
  • With less than a month since its launch, 500+ participants have already registered for LAVS 2021

Los Angeles, CA – March 25, 2021- Prensario International, a pioneering media company with almost 50 years in the entertainment business, and the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) today revealed some of the main trends in the global content marketplace, based on the answers provided by 100+ key decision makers that participated in Prensario’s annual “Global Buyer Survey”.

Acquisitions, production and programming executives, including those from streamers, TV networks and producers, from all around the world, completed the poll and provided fresh, updated information on this season’s trends.

The majority of the answers came from North and South America (35%), followed by Europe (30%), APAC-MENA-Africa (20%), and worldwide platforms (15%). Buyers were able to select more than one answer on the four different questions proposed. 8 to 13-episode series was the top selected format, while drama remains to be the most requested genre worldwide.

The survey shed light over what type of rights, formats and genres buyers will be looking for LAVS, which takes place on May 11-20. The market is taking excellent shape with 500+ participants registered, from which +400 are buyers from 60+ countries.

When asked the “Type of Company” the buyers represented, SVOD was the top option with 55%, followed by Free TV with 47.5% and Pay TV with 37.5%. AVOD (32.5%), TVOD (30%) and Producers (25%) rounded out the responses, while 10% of the answers have come from Telcos/ISP/Mobile. There was also a new category this year, tech companies (apps), which added 5%.

In terms of the destination for the acquired content, “Digital Rights”, which covers business models such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and Telcos/ISPs/Mobile/Tech, have overtaken linear, free and pay, television. Moreover, following the individual answers it can be asserted that there is a large synergy between platforms. The majority of the linear TV buyers are also acquiring rights for their digital platforms on web, apps and other type of ad-supported services.

When asking buyers about “Type of Content”, 13-episodes series is by far the #1 format with 72.5% of the answers, followed by Movies with 55%, Formats with 45% and Miniseries with 37.5%. As for Linear TV, the classic telenovela of 60+ episodes continues to be relevant with 30% of the answers. Short format only received 17.5% of the answers.

Three clear changes have been noticed in this question, compared to VS Autumn 2020:

  • Series remain the top format of the industry;
  • Movies have grown from third to second position in demand;
  • Formats have skyrocketed: they did appear in the ranking last year, and this year have come in as the third largest option, topping miniseries.  

By “Genres”, Drama was top answer in VS Autumn 2020, followed by Thriller and Suspense/Action. This Spring, the difference from the first to the second and third option is minimum. Drama received 70% of the answers, while Thriller and Suspense/Action 65% each, followed by Comedy (50%).

All in all, Scripted programming is the most in demand genre but, again in this question, Unscripted confirms it has strong momentum coming in with 39% of the responses. Other big demands are Documentaries/Factual (35%) Kids& Teens (22.5%), Paranormal (15%) and Education (10%). But before all them, another thematic stands strong: Family content with 37.5%

With less than a month from its official launch, LA Virtual Screenings is already taking the attention of the global market. More than 500 executives from 60+ countries have already registered, and from them, 430 are buyers, including TV Channels, OTTs and Producers, but also investors, tech companies, agencies and advertising/brands.  

Free registration is open and content professionals from around the world are welcome to participate and live the VS Experience, by registering at the website www.virtualscreenings.com for free.

About Prensario International

With almost 50 years in business, Prensario International is a leading trade publication for the global content market. Traditionally focused on the music industry, it quickly transformed into an entertainment media powerhouse covering the different business segments: first, the booming Pay TV in the ’80, then the programming and content business at the beginning of the ’90 with the big expansion of Latin telenovela all across the world, and now as a referent of the digital and 360-degree businesses in all genres and territories.


NATPE is a global content association and professional membership organization dedicated to shaping the future of content through global marketplaces and conferences, screenings, awards, and networking events; all specially curated for the content industry. Representing every facet of the content business, NATPE’s rich history, spanning over five decades, cements its roots as the largest U.S.-based global content association. NATPE is committed to representing the needs of our evolving members and constituents across all platforms and to bringing them together to shape the future of the business of content. It organizes three trade shows: NATPE Miami, the #1 global content show in the Americas; LA Screenings Independents, with focus in Latin America and US Hispanic; and NATPE Budapest, the ultimate destination for companies targeting CEE and CIS. 


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