Latin American Summit Part 4 – Latin American Programming Trends

The era of “Peak TV” knows no boundaries, Latin America is no exception, experiencing an explosion in consumer choices and available platforms unlike any time before. OTT platforms have provided remarkable access to new programming across the region, and linear channels have never been stronger, but with availability and reach comes important executive decisions. What works in the schedules of local broadcasters and pan regional cable companies and what doesn’t? How is U.S. programming received and what does this mean for commissioning, producing and scheduling local productions? What panregional “local” productions have run their course, and what are broadcasters looking for the future? Producers and writers working in both unscripted and scripted genres are offering new ideas – are they finding an audience? Our panel of regional experts takes you inside the decision-making process and the opportunities for growth in this “deep dive” discussion.

# Pascal Dalton
# Michael Solomon
# Erick Bretas
# Elizabeth Guider