Latin American Summit Parts 1 & 2 – Welcome & Overview + Cable in Latin America

NATPE Miami is proud to host a special morning of content which brings together the leaders in Latin American television and digital content and broadcasting. Consisting of panels, presentations and insights from top executives, talents and influencers, this unique block of discussions and networking will be a “must attend” for those doing business in this dynamic region.


NATPE presents an invaluable inside look at the pay-TV market in Latin America. In this discussion featuring top executives from the region, we will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing linear channels: How are they offering programming across platforms and reaching viewers on all screens and devices? How are they adapting their programming to reach all demographics and audience segments? And how is programming from outside the region influencing viewer tastes and local production?

# Eduardo Ruiz
# Klaudia Bermudez-Key
# Anna Carugati
# Francisco Smith