Meaningful Impact: How Social Good Strengthens The Audience Bond

As the digital entertainment industry continues to grow, viewers are inundated with an onslaught of content. And with more choice comes greater challenges to break through the noise. Whether you are an influencer, a brand, a show — or even a politician —establishing a personal connection with your audience is critical to building and preserving a community. As the relationship between creators and fans and has become increasingly important, creators are turning to philanthropy and charity to reengage their audiences with a message that is meaningful and authentic. Hear from experts who have identified and aligned with social causes that not only have strengthened the audience bond, but also helped make the world a better place.


Drew Baldwin – CEO, Tubefilter


Jukka Hilden – President, Rabbit Films

Amber J. Lawson – CEO, Good Amplified

Claudia Oshry – Founder & Creator, @GirlWithNoJob

Greg Goodfried – Digital Media Agent, United Talent Agency

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