Friday, January 22
11:00 am-12:00 pm EST

Content Distribution on a Global Scale:
MVPDs and the Programming, Packaging and Promotion of Content

Episode 2 in a NATPE series devoted to the role of MVPDs in acquiring and delivering the programming customers desire in an increasingly complex video landscape. Not only is there more great programming available today than at any time in history, but the myriad ways and platforms to watch has made the normally lean-back experience of watching TV increasingly complex.

So once the deals are done, how do MVPDs sort through the complexity and bring all these shows & movies together in a way that makes sense for the
customer? Does a traditional MVPD bringing together MVPDs, aggregator SVODs, direct-to-consumer SVODs, AVODs, and other services under one roof, as Xfinity’s Flex box has done, ultimately drive usage and engagement with the content on the networks, the streaming services, or the MVPDs?

How does this new ecosystem impact brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and the perceived role of MVPDs?