Event Home Page Example

(1) Homepage Custom Background
$3,500 per day, Jan 19th-22nd
$2,500 per day, Jan 23rd-29th
Dimensions: 1920px X 3000px

(2) Sponsor Ad
$5,000 Jan 19th-29th (25% SOV)
Dimensions: Standard – 256px X 214px

(3) Video Ad
$5,000 per day, Jan 19th22nd (100% SOV)
$3,000 per day, Jan 23rd-29th (100% SOV)
Video ad is embedded with an external source from Vimeo, Wistia or Youtube. If you want NATPE to host a nominal fee will apply.

(4) Social Media Wall
$15,000 Jan 19th – 29th (100% SOV)
Includes social media campaign up to and during event.

Contact your representative:

Charlie Weiss Global Sales +1.609.802.2766 cweiss@NATPE.org
Stephanie Beringhele Los Angeles / South America +1.818.404.2347 sberinghele@NATPE.org
Rebecca Shottland New York / Canada +1.908.294.1789 rshottland@NATPE.org
Gary Mitchell Europe +44.79.6220.3037 gmitchell@NATPE.org
Mingfen Lee Asia / Australia +33.633.70.40.78 mlee@NATPE.org
Murtuza Kagalwala India +91.99.2093.5152 mkagalwala@NATPE.org
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