Tuesday through Friday – Each day features a full schedule of sessions focused on content business drivers. 

Key themes for each day will cover Revenue (Investment, Advertising, & Subscription), Audience (Research, Marketing & Promotion), Content (Acquisition & Distribution Sales), and Production (New content).

Additional topics will include Station Groups, Web Series, Global, Latin Summit and the renowned industry awards shows. 


Tuesday | January 19
Wednesday | January 20
Thursday | January 21
Friday | January 22
Investment, Advertising & Subscription
Marketing, Promotions & Data
Acquisition & Distribution Sales
New Content
11:00am-12:00pm EST
Telemundo Screening: Unconditionally Brave, Presented by Kate Del Castillo AUDIO-VIDEO CHINA 1: Technology Enabling · MAKE IT POSSIBLE

With the theme of Technology Enabling, the event will promote Chinese technologies and products, which will bring you more possibilities of series and film production with technical support.
Fresh Content from Turkey: The Endless Land of Content

Presented by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Thanks to the great success of Turkish series, Turkish content has spread the world over. In this session, participants will again witness the ongoing success of fresh content from Turkey with the creative examples of Turkish participants, supported by the ICOC and the Ministry of Trade.
MVPD Panel, Part II

MVPDs and the Programming, Packaging and Promotion of Content
12:00-1:00pm EST

The BIG Opening: Vision of Television 2021

An exciting “fireside” conversation with an industry leader focuses on the all-important role of programming across platforms. This is followed by a second conversation about investing in traditional broadcast television brands.
The BIG Opening: COVID RE-SET for ‘21

This session explores how audiences worldwide adjust to their “new normal” and then will look at how the entertainment industry is re-inventing itself in order to attract and retain loyal fans.
The BIG Opening: Big Deals and Big Dealmakers

Top executives from studios and distributors join network executives to share their perspectives for the changes we will all see in the business in 2021. Join us for two intimate fireside chats.
The BIG Opening: Is Co-pro The Way To Go?

One of a kind discussion among leading studio executives who reflect on the challenges and benefits of international co-productions in the current marketplace.
1:00-1:45pm EST

A New Day for TV Stations

Top execs from TV station groups share concerns and changes needed to attract more viewers and brand investment in 2021.
Attracting Viewers in a Competitive Market

A conversation with Jack Abernethy, CEO Fox Television stations, on best strategic practices for retaining and growing audiences, followed by a discussion between Meredith Vieira, Sherri Shepherd, and Stephen Brown (EVP of Programming & Development, FTS) on the creative side of content as an uplifting force, especially in difficult times.
The Iris Awards

The annual presentation of these prestigious awards recognizes excellence, leadership, and achievement in local and national television programming.
Creating Deals

How are networks and local stations creating opportunities for affordable content in 2021? In this two-part session, a leading distributor, Ira Bernstein, discusses the push and pull of the deal in part 1, and then in the second part, Jay Leno discussed his return to broadcast TV with the remake of the classic game show YOU BET YOUR LIFE. He and his team discuss why this is the perfect time for this show and how they plan on making America laugh. He’s joined by Co-Host Kevin Eubanks and Producers Tom Werner and David Hurwitz.
1:45-2:30pm EST

Revenue Strategy & Innovation

A two-part session focuses on the benefits of programming and advertising using FAST or AVOD platforms.
Serving Streaming Audiences

This session features executives from leading streaming platforms and technology who discuss their efforts to get the consumer’s attention and reflect on the challenges to their media budgets in a highly competitive market.
Competing for Content

The stakes are getting higher in the war for great content as streamers change their programming objectives to remain competitive and relevant with viewers. Today’s focus is not adding MORE content but getting the BEST content.
The Unscripted Tale

This panel is a lively exchange among leading executives who specialize in the production and distribution of the popular genre of unscripted television series and specials. Discover the roadmap for creating hits, and how they go from “good idea” to being greenlighted.
2:30-3:15pm EST

How Series Became BIG Business

Enjoy hearing a variety of success stories from leading series showrunners and platform executives, in this two-part session. First part focuses on one current international hit series specifically. The second part is an engaging conversation among industry pros.
Web or Linear: Who’s Watching What and Where?

Leading research and data specialists share their findings from recent studies in three individual, sequential presentations. Learn about the massive shifts in viewer behavior during and since the worldwide shutdown.
Closing a BIG Deal

Get the inside story from the pros of how they developed the artful skill of cutting great deals for content acquisition or distribution sales. Hear from some of the leading dealmakers from both sides of the table in this two-part session.
Robin Roberts: Women In Global Media Power Profile

Award-winning TV personality, journalist, and producer Roberts discusses her prolific career, experiences as a woman of color in media, and her partnership with A+E Networks.
3:15- 4:00pm EST

The Stories of Three Global Brands

Three executives, each from a leading global television brand, join our interviewer for back-to-back consecutive one-on-one fireside chats where they each share their individual perspective of the changing landscape in 2021.
Best Practices for Attracting Audiences

This session offers two parts. Part one is a featured discussion with a leading entertainment and marketing executive at a popular television network who shares insights and examples of how her company is pivoting to serve the special needs of their audiences.
The Many Lives of Scripted Tales

Great scripted stories don’t end, they are re imagined, re-created and re-released to new generations of fans. Hear about some of the most popular scripted series and their many lives.
Latin Summit – Premio Ícono Award

Join us for the annual Latin Summit and the presentation of the Icono Award to an industry leader. Enjoy a one-on-one fireside chat with this year’s recipient.
4:00- 4:45pm EST


Creators and actors of the big hit telenovela ‘A Mother’s Love’ present more details of this story about the unquestionable love of three mothers for their children.

AUDIO-VIDEO CHINA 2: China Showcase

“China Showcase” is meant to showcase highly diversified productions of exhibitors under the China Pavilion, including drama series, documentaries, animations, entertainment shows and TV formats.

Greater Miami Convention Bureau

Why your next production should be in Miami
5:00- 5:45pm EST

AUDIO-VIDEO CHINA 3: Media Convergence · Leapfrog Development · Win-Win Cooperation

With media convergence entering a new era, this event invites guests to discuss how to accelerate the innovative development of traditional media while exploring the new path for media convergence under the Internet thinking.


The Big Opening

Each day, Tuesday through Friday, opens at 12 noon ET with a different daily 60-minute focus on big ideas, and big issues featuring big names in the industry. Tuesday’s focus is on Revenues, Wednesday is on Audiences and Thursday’s focus is on Content Acquisition and Distribution Sales. The week wraps up with Friday’s focus on Production of exciting new programs. The Big Opening session includes a keynote fireside chat, followed by featured conversations with other top industry leaders. This track will appeal to all NATPE registrants.

Station Groups

The Station Groups track follows the Big Opening each day at 1 p.m. ET. The track focuses on four core areas of the traditional business of delivering linear content to audiences via local broadcast television. Those core areas are advertising, viewer retention, program acquisition, and live television. Each day’s 45-minute session will focus on just one of these core areas. Sessions include a panel discussion and some also include a featured, one-on-one fireside chat. This track will have strongest appeal to those involved with the broadcast television side of the business. Most will find the topics of the Big Opening session to be an ideal complement to their Station Group session which conveniently follows.


This track offers a daily, 45-minute session at 1:45 p.m. ET that focuses on the process of content delivery via streaming platforms that stream or deliver content directly to a consumer’s preferred device. Each day’s session features a panel discussion about a different related topic. Tuesday will focus on Revenue Strategies and Innovation. Wednesday will feature a discussion on the competitive area of marketing and promoting streaming brands to consumers. Thursday’s discussion will address the fiercely competitive market for acquiring video content, while Friday’s session will showcase four new “future hit” programs. This track is timely for the marketplace and will have strong appeal to all NATPE attendees.

Web Series

Each day, attendees will enjoy a 45-minute session at 2:30 p.m. ET that explores scripted and unscripted series programming intended for viewing on the web, and or traditional television. Tuesday’s session explores how the series genre became BIG business. It features examples and case studies about series that went on to multi-season-success! The next day attendees will hear from marketing and research experts about audience viewership of series. Thursday’s session will be a discussion of how series are sold to networks and Friday’s session will feature the showrunner and star of a popular leading series. The Series track ideally complements with the preceding Streaming discussions. Each session in the Series track will attract programming acquisition and distribution sales executives from both streamed platforms and linear networks.


In today’s market, the appeal of international co-productions continues to grow. The 3:15 p.m. ET time slot each day of NATPE will address topics of importance to those involved in the international and global business of content production and distribution. Tuesday’s session features a one-of-a-kind conversation with three global media executives about what to expect from advertisers in 2021. Wednesday’s spotlights best practices for attracting audiences for international co-productions. Thursday’s discussion looks at the popular strategy to re-boot familiar series, and Friday’s session features the Icono Award and a fireside chat with a leading LatinX programming executive who has made an impact on the international business of television, especially in Latin America.