(Note: descriptions are subject to change)

Content Evolution

NATPE conference speakers deliver insight and information of importance for all stakeholders in the media industry. Our “Content Evolution” sessions and events are crafted to empower our constituents to break down the barriers between those who create, produce, curate, publish, and distribute best-in-class content. By involving voices from all corners of the diverse media universe in discussions, presentations and networking opportunities, our programming underscores NATPE’s mission as a content association which drives business connectivity.

Streaming Plus

The future of our industry is happening as you read this sentence. Amazing content now streams across millions of screens in faster, better formats. Unique new user experiences emerge continuously. As the future of digital content is now a pillar of NATPE’s marketplace and conference, we will again present a dynamic collection of discussions and discovery opportunities. Who has managed to put themselves ahead of the wave? Which individuals, businesses and platforms are mastering new challenges and creating the most innovative opportunities? These forward-facing sessions and experiences allow you to learn from the leading content creators, executives, influencers and visionaries driving our industry’s “perpetuity of change.”

Brands x Content

The inflection points are numerous, the opportunities limited only by imagination, and the enormous amount of money involved demands thoughtful and strategic risk. Advertising leaders and global consumer brands are driving change and innovation in fascinating new ways. The clever creators who have aligned successfully with savvy brands likewise push these relationships into new business models. NATPE once again is the place to be for an investigation of the current trends in the space, as told by those who redefine it for today’s audience. This multipleangle overview of the intersection of brands, advertisers, and creators gives you insight and takeaways available only at NATPE Miami 2020.


This tremendously popular category of sessions and events is comprised of creators, producers, stars, buyers and distributors from every corner of the reality content genre. We have again curated our Unscripted category to provide you with insights from, and connections to, the reality executives who can take your content from idea to screen by providing you with actionable intelligence and takeaways. Consisting of varied and dynamic panels, one on one sessions, and special events, our Unscripted programming features a robust and wide-ranging agenda that explores US and international formats, and the challenges and opportunities currently encountered in the genre and across all distribution points.

International Focus

Smart, engaging content knows no borders: opportunities stemming from international co-production continue to provide growth potential and have resulted in successful partnerships across formats and regions. This collection of panels and presentations provides you with an invaluable worldwide perspective. Our respected experts will touch on myriad topics: the expansion of channels and distribution options, international production solutions, and crosscultural advertising strategies. We will also touch on how multiple new platform technologies and social networking strategies play a role in this space. NATPE Miami 2020 will once again welcome the industry’s high-flying international leaders to share their insight with you.

Station Group Summit

Whether it’s headlines regarding new mergers and acquisitions, 5G technology implications stirring the pot, or balancing a competitive pool of syndicated programming with original content, understanding the current disruption among Station Groups demands clear and dynamic thought leadership. Facing myriad changes in viewer habits and programming trends, cutting-edge strategies are required. Once again NATPE will be advance this important industry conversation as we bring together the executives who make continuous mission-critical decisions in the space. Learn who is leading the way, which models work and how our industry can maintain growth as change unrelentingly drives Station Group innovation ever forward.