(only 4 available)

♦► Total opportunities: 4 different production companies will have the opportunity to have their “trailer” screened / introduced and critiqued by our “entertainment news” co-hosts. Trailers are expected to total 3-5 minutes in length. Sponsors will provide press kit for references to be made by the hosts.

♦► Number of tracks: 1

♦► Genre exclusive: YES
(1 drama, 1 comedy, 1 documentary, 1 unscripted)

♦► Sponsorship Virtual Registrations: 15

♦► Video Positioning: the showcase sponsors receive the standard “first-come-first serve” choice of placement of their video trailer within the 4 session slots. Video Trailer Frequency: qty. 2.

♦► Includes a Standard Market Booth (value $1,950)

♦► Promotional Bonus: “Showcase” positioning in all promotional materials (scheduled from day of contract through January 29, 2021) inclusive of registration landing page.

♦► NATPE channel promotion includes logo & branding on signage, sites, acknowledgements, social posts, and individual sessions.

Most unique branding exposure; ideal for promoting upcoming release of a new series of program; includes opportunity to interact directly with up to 40 attendees in a private virtual meeting, at any one time.

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