More Choice in a Next-Gen TV World

More Choice in a Next-Gen TV World

Not since color first arrived in the 1960s has the experience of television seen the kind of change set to unfold over the next year. The ATSC 3.0 next-generation TV standard, set to start arriving in 2020, is seen as a savior for the TV industry. Its groundbreaking combination of features – addressable advertising, interactivity, personalization and enhanced measurement – are the result of broadband and broadcasting innovation. A growing number of major station groups and top manufacturers are voicing their support for the technology, which has set off an entertainment and information revolution. With opportunity comes new challenges, however, and for next-gen TV to succeed content providers, broadcasters and manufacturers will first have to figure out how they want to define and market everything it has to offer potential viewers. Our panel of the industry’s most seasoned and creative senior leaders will explore the important strategic decisions that lie ahead.

Anne Schelle, Managing Director, Pearl TV

Eric Anderson, Senior Vice President & Chief Partnership Officer, Verance

Dade Hayes, Contributing Editor, Deadline

Deb McDermott, CEO, Standard Media Group LLC