360 Degrees of Possibilities: Brands, Innovation and Entertainment


Brands are throwing off the gloves and actively seeking out innovative solutions that disrupt the conventional model and deliver breakthrough experiences. Fueled by the allure of meaningful content, they are experimenting with new media approaches for engaging consumers, igniting social movements, and forming deep brand linkage. What keeps them up at night in the process, and what entices them forward? NATPE can give you a look ahead unlike any other into the exploration of this next frontier of marketing innovation. Bringing together insights from pioneers across the industry — from leadership brands, breakthrough agencies, and technology futurists — this unique session will use a live demonstration of Google Glass and other technologies to focus on the shift from the conventional brand/programming model to one that’s deeply experiential. Along with this visionary look into the future, a new venture will be revealed that has the potential to dramatically alter the reality of our business and consumer culture. Be present to experience an exclusive demonstration of how barrier-breaking partnerships and platforms will impact the future of our world.

Mike Iskandar
Dustin Garis
Rob De Feo
Keith Hanson
Thomas W. Frank
Raghu Kakarala