Brands & Hollywood Creators: The Next Evolution of Partnership

For the last decade or more, marketers and content creators have all been inundated with an overbearing amount of conversation about the convergence of Madison Avenue and Hollywood. While we have all accepted that content is king, have these two worlds actually listened to each other and figured out how to work together to create content that meets the objectives of both sides? In the new technology-driven content and marketing ecosystem of over the top, digital distribution, social media and mobile, can brands and Hollywood partner to launch real IP? Can that IP captivate an audience, accomplish key marketing objectives for the brand and at the same time drive revenue across multiple traditional windows? Hollywood creators today live in a vastly changed landscape from even just three years ago and finally seem ready and willing to play, but are the brands ready? Are brands ready to finally see themselves as publishers or even possibly studios? This panel is going to provide the raw and honest truth about this topic, discuss the challenges and obstacles as well as hear from both sides — the brands (and their agencies) as well as the creators.

Mark Crumpacker
Jared Hoffman
Dan Goodman
Bryan Thoensen
Stuart McLean
David Freeman