Building the Entertainment Brand: Macy’s, The Pop Culture Icon

Macy’s is America’s biggest department store, and one of the most iconic symbols of American retail. But Macy’s is more than the Thanksgiving Day Parade and a place for your holiday shopping. Macy’s is an entertainment brand, delivering the celebrities, epic entertainment events and perennial programming that affirm its place in popular culture. From partnership with superstars like One Direction to the “Yes, Virginia” franchise and content across YouTube and other social media channels, Macy’s is as much a studio as it is a retailer. In this session, Joe Feczko, SVP Integration and Broadcast for Macy’s, and Mike Wiese, head of Content & Entertainment for creative advertising agency JWT,
examine how Macy’s has crafted its position on Main Street, Madison Avenue, and Hollywood. They’ll discuss the deals in development, the projects in production and what’s in store for the Macy’s brand in 2014.

Mike Wiese
Joseph Feczko