Content’s New Techosystem

According to Park Associates research, there will be 255 million connected TVs sold worldwide in 2014. Going further, other networked devices will grow to 650 million this year. Served by the cloud, these devices are gateways to content and interactivity. “Connected TV” is actually a component of a larger ecosystem — including phones, tablets, game consoles and over-the-top boxes — that allows for the ubiquitous distribution of content, which can mean anything from linear and interactive programming to social TV to commerce, gaming, education, home monitoring and “connected fitness.” At the back end, no matter what happens on and with that device, there will be user data generated that will be of enormous value to programmers, content creators and application and service providers. Disruption can change even the most entrenched of business models, but it also creates opportunity. How will this affect your place in the content value chain? Our panel will look at the threats and the opportunities brought about by the emerging content techosystem.

Jeff Ulin
Yosi Glick
Shira Lazar
Vamshi Sriperumbudur
Brian Seth Hurst