Masters of Marketing Keynote: When Will Dollars Follow the Audience

Traditional TV broadcasting may be the most effective way to reach mass audiences — but viewer growth on digital platforms is quickly redefining the playing field. Key influencers in digital branding acknowledge that viewing scale is critical, and that planning advertising buys that establish the greatest reach is challenging but essential. Online advertising can be targeted and bought more efficiently, and brands that do so are leading the way with the ever-larger digital content consumers. Is the “brand as publisher” opportunity a viable model for increasing revenue? What measurement challenges are to be faced by brands to ramp up monetization across digital platforms? Are the agencies ready philosophically for the future of online advertising? Our expert panel of highly respected CMOs shares the insight and perspective gained from being on the front lines — and will share candid observations and case studies reflecting both positive ROI and a few instances of less than spectacular results. Find out what’s next in this engaging and dynamic session.