Television Everywhere: How Will Profits Grow as Screens Diversify?

Mind the gap…that is, the one between the incredible number of new adopters for mobile content and the lack of successful monetization strategies for those same platforms. As consumers move away from desktops and onto tablets and other mobile devices, the need to accurately engage with them depends on increasingly leveraged data, right down to usage patterns and comparisons between devices. As the fragmentation of traditional day parts increases, both content producers and advertisers must redefine the meaning of “prime time” as it applies to mobile platform viewers. At the same time, programmers must develop on the most elegant and robust mobile apps, perhaps designing the future of the television channel itself. Who are the early leaders in this new space, and what have they learned? As the demand for premium content across all screens continues to grow, how will advertisers ensure that carrier bandwidth charges are spent most wisely? What format scores best — is it short form, lifestyle, or humor across mobile platforms? In this candid discussion we will hear from those faced with these challenging questions, and learn what success strategies in multiscreen monetization really require — and where they are headed.

Sahil Patel
Frank Sinton
Jonathan Carson
Jason Dimberg
Frans Vermeulen