The Other Format: Scripted Series Going Global

A good story knows no boundaries. High-quality television productions from all corners of the globe are crossing boundaries and setting up residence in new countries and for new audiences. This trend of adapting scripted formats is exploding all over the world, and every year more older titles and contemporary titles become available. It takes precious time and money to acquire just the right scripted title — the process simply can’t be rushed, and the absolute importance of proper consultation from acquisition to adaptation should be of paramount concern. The nuance involved in negotiating the rights for scripted programming differs from non-scripted titles in a number of ways, and determining in advance the right way — and the wrong way — to approach these issues is entrusted to the savvy experts on our panel. How do they decide when to adapt a property instead of creating their own? How do they identify just the right titles for their audience? What are their success stories…and what opportunities do they wish they had reached for? Join NATPE for a trip around the world of scripted formats, with the frequent flyers who know the way to success.

Patty Geneste
Andrew Zein
Paul Gilbert
Espen S. Huseby
Irina Ignatiew-Lemke
Miguel Somoza