Sharpening the Focus: How U.S. Networks Are Engaging the Hispanic Audience

It’s no surprise that networks are interested in reaching the fastest-growing audience in America, particularly since a majority of Hispanics fall in the 18–49 demo (vs. 42% of non Hispanics) and that the audience growth is being driven by the U.S.-born segment. From shows based on telenovela formats (such as CW’s JANE THE VIRGIN) to Latino family sitcoms (such as ABC’s CRISTELA) to key casting (Jennifer Lopez starring in NBC’s upcoming SHADES OF BLUE), broadcast networks are more focused than ever on driving Latino viewership. What are the key elements for successfully reaching this burgeoning demographic? Which projects have raised the bar regarding development strategies and execution? How do executives without borders view the future across this bicultural landscape? Hear from top-level network decision-makers about what they are doing and the opportunities they are creating in this important and wide reaching discussion.