The Consumer as Programmer – What’s a Network Programmer To Do?

Remember when television proudly trumpeted a program as appointment viewing”? Well, today the consumer has become the programmer: OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, along with a myriad of expanding options, are quickly and indelibly changing the game. Binge viewing has become an accepted mode of consumption and stacking rights are hotly contested. Who is influencing what audiences are watching? Are the roles of programming executives for both traditional and emerging networks and services evolving from gatekeepers to brand managers? How do distributors get their programming discovered? The windowing of rights finds the same program distributed across multiple services. Is the programming brand displacing the power of a network brand? How is value perceived by the audience, and where is it realized for the producer and distributor? What is the meaning of a “hit”? Our expert panel will weigh what the future role of a programmer is in a world where technological advances have empowered consumers and creators more than ever before. Hear from them directly by attending this future facing discussion between the decision makers manning the inflection point of change.