The Rise of Mobile Video

Mobile video viewing is quickly changing the landscape in everything from content creation to syndication to monetization. Mobile viewing is now surging while TV viewing is dropping, and the “appification” of TV content continues to fragment viewing. Ground breaking companies such as Beachfront Media along with content creators like Endemol, Machinima, Red Bull and other premium YouTube channels are pioneering new story formats, tools and distribution platforms to monetize in all media arenas. As YouTube creators are now becoming their own brands (including launching their own Apps) millennial audiences are increasingly finding the content that they connect to on their mobile phones and tablets, not TV. The challenging question facing content creators is fundamental: should they consider mobile first as they create? In this session we will outline the workflow and business case of video syndication through mobile video and mobile video advertising. This is a “don’t miss” session for those with mobile as part of their content strategy.