The U.S. and Europe: The Ever Changing Television Landscape

How are U.S. and European programming needs being met – who are the sources, new partners and suppliers? With U.S. programming now 12 months a year, the traditional system of U.S. nets carrying the full load of financing is no longer financially feasible or sustainable. Meanwhile, European broadcasters have been ‘training’ their audiences for years to tune into U.S. series, representing a style, look and pacing, to which they’ve become accustomed, such as procedural crime series and medical themed shows. In light of evolving and changing tastes, is programming emanating from the U.S. still fulfilling European market demands? How are the two markets working with each other in the current environment? Filling the content needs of the U.S. and European markets now require multi-national partnerships and the necessity for new financial structures. Several top executives in the global TV industry will join in an informative, insightful discussion on the options, sources and challenges presented by the ever-increasing demands to provide fresh programming.