YouTube & Vine Stars: The Rise of the Digital Influencer

While stars have been emerging from YouTube and other digital platforms for close to a decade, a true explosion in audience size has occurred over the past 18 months. These exceptional content creators, producers and channel leaders have become true influencers, and are now attracting an ever growing number of media companies and brand marketers that are turning to this new breed of global superstar to drive their products and messaging. How did these women and men find their viewers? How do they maintain the high quality product the audience demands? What does the future hold, and where will the online audience find tomorrow’s new talents? This panel discussion will feature a mix of stars and talents with major followings, along with the professional representatives who help steer their careers. We will discuss how these stars are born, what it takes for them to grow and sustain a global audience, and the careful process by which they are matched with opportunities designed to leverage their reach and influence. If your business and viewing habits find you in this world, don’t miss this chance to hear from those who inhabit it with brilliance!

Moderator: Ali Barash
Panelists: Marcus Johns
Connor Franta
Lisa Filipelli
Tyler Oakley
Amy Finnerty