Development in the Digital Age: Inside the New Era of Writer’s Rooms

The newest development execs for digital platforms are using data from social platforms to cast shows, and they are hanging plot points on trending topics and always thinking about shareable Instagram worthy scenes. In a world where Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube are seeing massive video views, how do you look at story elements, packaging, promotion and pace in ways to capture all that potential audience? These execs are programming for millennial audiences and have the strong viewpoints on how to drive audience, increase engagement, leverage influencers all while giving great story. How does developing a story differ in the digital realm? How do you cast? What do you look for in projects that are greenlit? Does the platform dictate format? What do you save for Snapchat? For Instagram? For the YouTube trailer? Hear from the executives making these decisions on a daily basis in this must see session for those in the digital world.