Future-Proof Your Content: To 4K or Not to 4K? That is the Question

The 4k and UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV’s are here, Netflix is shooting and streaming in $4K, BluRay 4D is pending but the schedule for broadcasting upgrades is far from clear. So why should you shoot your productions in 4K and what does it mean to the production process and your budgets? Will it make your content more valuable in the 4K Future that is coming. Can you afford to wait? Insight (www.insight.tv) produces 200 hours of brand new 4K/UHD content in different genres annually. Their executives join us to share their experiences in developing 4K/UHD content and their channel along with partners from every specialty. Get the sharpest possible focus on the future as these experts step forward to tell you exactly what you need to know for decision making with the highest possible definition – and success!