Latin America TV Trends: Drama – From Novelas to Drama Series

Drama continues to dominate the Latin American TV landscape but evolving viewing patterns, the desire to reach a wider technologically savvy market and global competition is shifting the traditional novela model. More and more often we are seeing shorter format productions with the story lines evolving during the course of the show, instead of resolving at the end of the show. We are seeing more well-known directors at the helm and and deeper audience engagement thanks to social media interactivity. In order to attract males and a younger audience, the traditional sentimental love story has given way to crime and drug crime fare. Highly produced drama series like PABLO ESCOBAR: EL PATRON DEL MAL, SEÑORA ACERO, EL SEÑOR DE LOS CIELOS and EMERALDS: THE COLOR OF AMBITION have scored at home and globally. Why are we experiencing this shift to “super series”? Are these premium productions it a harbinger of new TV trends to come from Latin America? The respected LatAm creators and executives you will hear from in this session fill in the details – don’t miss it!