Opening Remarks and Scripted State of the Union

The NATPE 2016 Market and Conference begins with insight and commentary from our President and CEO, Rod Perth, our Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, JP Bommel and our Board Chairman, Andy Kaplan (President, Worldwide Networks, Sony Pictures Television.)

Featuring the most important decision makers from AMAZON, LIONSGATE, EPIX, UTA, SHOWTIME and ENDEMOL SHINE! Scripted television has never been in higher demand, and networks, cable channels and over-the-top services are developing some of the best scripted content ever – but it’s getting tougher. These executives are taking huge risks to attract top show runners and filmmakers to find the next show that becomes a hit. Demand for top creatives is incredible, so who wins and loses? Do prior risk/reward projections make sense at a time of literally thousands of viewer choices across all platforms? Quality productions are expensive, so can international revenue be counted on when local productions are reducing available time periods? With stiff competition to acquire the best projects, we’ll explore the business behind serving and winning the scripted television wars. Don’t miss this must-attend keynote that may change the way you think about the future of scripted content, so make it a part of your personal story arc at NATPE 2016!