What Creators Want To Say, What Brands Need To See

What Creators Want to Say, What Brands Need to See – Dan Harmon of COMMUNITY, Mitch Hurwitz of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and featuring David Beebe of Marriott and Peter McGuinness of Chobani

The marriage of Madison & Vine is one of great promise…but also real tension. Creators are more willing than ever to develop stories for brands, and brands increasingly are turning to content to engage audiences. But the two sides don’t always speak the same language or share the same goals. Both sides have a mandate to create compelling content. Along the way, they have to define the line between creative integrity and business objectives. This panel will feature content creators and brand marketers in a frank discussion about how they navigate the tensions that naturally exist in the creative process and how they can partner to forge new paths to success. Learn from the best by listening in on this discussion.