What’s Real About Virtual Reality? Demystifying VR for Storytellers and Brands

The respected consulting firm KZero Worldwide estimates that by 2018 the global consumer market for Virtual Reality will be valued at $5.12 Billion. Last summer the cover of Time Magazine hailed Virtual Reality as the “next big thing,” and brands and studios are now jumping into an immersive entertainment market that is anything but mature. But the issues that have arisen – from technical to production to distribution – are being solved rapidly, and by necessity. Brands like Lexus, Marriott and Bloomberg have created VR experiences already. Networks and studios are in the game as well, as proven by NBC, FOX and Dreamworks. But is VR ready for primetime? How are industry leaders regarding the challenges of storytelling in this new platform, and how will VR impact state of the industry overall? Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn what’s real – and what’s not – in the virtual content universe.