Greg Kelly
Host, Greg Kelly Reports
Newsmax TV

Meet Greg Kelly, Newsmax TV’s leading primetime host and one of the rising stars of cable news.

Greg is a battle-hardened journalist. Experienced. Son of a cop. A Marine.

He served for almost a decade as a Marine Corps combat pilot, making no fewer than 158 aircraft carrier landings and reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves.

After serving, he earned his stripes in the front lines of the media world.

He was a combat journalist with Fox News when U.S. troops invaded Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom, embedding with the U.S. Army’s Third Infantry Division.

Later he worked as the network’s White House Correspondent and was tapped to be co-host of Fox 5’s #1-rated morning show “Good Day New York.”

Now, Greg is at the helm of Newsmax TV’s nightly news hour Greg Kelly Reports.

Every night he cuts through the media spin, giving you the facts.

And every night he brings the same values that made America a great nation: a commitment to freedom, the willingness to sacrifice for it, and a consuming passion for the truth.