Nielsen Local 2020: Advancing Local Television Measurement

Innovation is key in an ever-changing media landscape and as a result it is imperative to have evolving true third-party measurement. With this in mind, Nielsen is advancing local TV services by adding granularity and stability of true-person rating insights with big data while ensuring complete local market coverage that will help our clients prove the true Local ROI value of their audiences. Join Kelly Abcarian, Senior Vice President, Nielsen Product Leadership as she showcases how Nielsen is transforming how local TV is measured. Immediately following the presentation, Jeff Wender, Managing Director, Nielsen Local Media will discuss and explore with industry leaders what it will take to advance local television measurement across this rapidly changing landscape and how Nielsen can help to arm both buyers and sellers with the ability to transact with confidence.


Kelly Abcarian – SVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen

Jeff Wender – Managing Director, Local Media, Nielsen

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