Open Development Session: Three Creators, Their Projects and Where They Go From Here

A brand-new concept for NATPE Miami, co-curated with Dan Goodman of Believe Entertainment Group…an experience that is sure to be memorable for content creators and those that work with them. Three projects from varying genres have been selected from submissions gathered from the creative community. Those projects will be presented by their creators, with a short talk and reel screening, LIVE on stage. Then, a team of experts representing all sides of the development process will blend their experience and ideas, discuss the many ways to bring that project to market, potential categories of delivery, etc., right in front of you. Our experts will collectively brainstorm and give insights on the idea, strategy, plans, go-to-market pitch, and creative. This unique event will showcase the process of how industry leaders think regarding new projects and innovative creators, and how to navigate the current development landscape to bring an idea into something that’s engaging and successful.

# Sophia Kruz
# Ellie Zambrano
# Jameen Fitzgerald
# Ivana Kirkbride
# Dan Goodman
# Mina Lefevre
# Caitlin McGinty
# Jeff Grossman