Over the Top: How Broadcasters & Advertisers Leverage OTT – TV’s Latest Growth Opportunity

Over the Top (OTT) video consumption is the newest trend to capture the attention and time of consumers. With the success of new content services, distributors and hardware platforms, OTT has become an important platform that enables broadcasters & advertisers, on a local and national level, to extend the reach of their content and capture incremental audience. As OTT grows and new marketing opportunities present themselves, how will leaders in this space forge an even greater consumer experience? How can content providers and advertisers maximize their opportunities in OTT to reach new and familiar audiences? Join Nielsen and a blockbuster panel to share insights on the trends in OTT, and how the media landscape is evolving nationally and at the local level. Panelists from different sides of the business will discuss consumer trends, future vision and the role OTT will play in local monetization in the years ahead

# Kelly Abcarian
# Jeff Wender

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