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Get inspired and build relationships in Miami with high-level content industry executives as part of our most comprehensive and thought provoking conference agenda to date.  Discover new trends and source new business opportunities -- from scripted to unscripted, and everything in between.

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Our industry is defying expectation on a 24/7 basis; the future happened while you were reading this sentence. Amazing content streams across millions of screens in faster, better formats; new user experiences emerge continuously. The NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference presents a collection of unique discussions, debates and discovery opportunities, designed to help you keep pace. Who has managed to put themselves ahead of the wave? Which individuals, businesses and platforms are mastering new challenges and creating the most innovative opportunities? These forward-facing sessions, including the NATPE Streaming Summit, allowing you to learn from the leading content creators, executives, influencers and visionaries driving our industry’s "perpetuity of change."

Successfully creating and distributing innovative content requires equally forward-facing business practices. The NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference presents an exploration of the intricate business acumen needed to navigate and drive perpetual industry change. New models of collaboration between producers, agencies, studios, networks and platforms are established worldwide around the clock. How can all the players involved best work together in today’s swirling media environment? What’s the “state of the union” among today's leading deal makers, from development to distribution? Which metrics and audience behavior knowledge are most valuable? The best in the business share insight, experience, knowledge and takeaways in discussions you will find invaluable.

The inflection points are numerous, the opportunities limited only by imagination, and the dollars involved demand thoughtful and strategic risk. Advertising leaders and global consumer brands drive change and innovation in fascinating new ways as a result of taking those risks. The clever creators who have aligned successfully with savvy brands likewise push these relationships into new business models. NATPE once again is the place to be for an investigation of the current trends in the space, as told by those who redefine it for today's audience. This multiple-angle overview of the intersection of brands, advertisers, and creators gives you insight and takeaways available only at the NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference. 

The backbone of NATPE's rich history, Station Groups and those that lead them have never been more out front in advancing the industry. The effort and methodology required to provide a consumer experience that smoothly delivers locally produced network and syndicated content, and new digital programming has never been more important. Learn who is leading the way, which models work and why and where these companies go next as mergers, shifting regulation, and new technology drive Station Group innovations ever forward.

NATPE proudly brings this special group of sessions and events back for a second year. The evolving marriage of music and content - and music AS content - gets a deep dive exploration, as we welcome the most creative artists, music supervisors and industry executives to our stages. Developing valuable relationships, navigating negotiations and protecting your artistic rights are just a few of the topics in this "killer track" of programming at the NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference.

Storytelling has never had as many avenues of expression as it does in today's viewer-curated content marketplace. Across all screens, large and small, in formats ranging from short-form digital projects to limited series broadcast "events", brilliant minds push the envelope and redefine the medium. How are creators, producers and actors in the scripted world successfully establishing new avenues for storytelling? At the NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference we present and explore Scripted programming in an extraordinary series of sessions matching up the industry's leading show runners, artists and creative executives. 

Now in its fourth year, our Unscripted track of sessions and events is comprised of creators, producers, stars, buyers and distributors from every corner of the reality content genre. We have again curated this dedicated track to provide you with insights from, and connections to, the reality executives who can take your product from idea to screen by providing you with actionable intelligence and takeaways. Consisting of varied and dynamic panels, one on one sessions, and special events, our Unscripted programming features a robust and wide-ranging agenda that explores US and international formats, opportunities and successes.

Smart, engaging content knows no borders: our Global collection of panels and presentations provides you with an invaluable worldwide perspective. Opportunities stemming from international industry convergence continue to provide growth potential and have resulted in successful partnerships across formats, original programming, and worldwide branding initiatives. Our respected experts in “media without boundaries” will touch on myriad topics: the expansion of channels and distribution options, international production solutions, and cross-cultural advertising strategies. We will also touch on how multiple new platform technologies and social networking strategies play a role. We proudly welcome these high flying global leaders to the NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference.

The NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference welcomes Latin America’s top television executives, offering multiple perspectives of the region’s media market...and beyond. The intersection of LatAm and U.S. Hispanic broadcasting will be examined, among other key topics to be explored: successful programming trends, prioritizing formats and platforms, and Latin American companies synchronizing internationally in business relationships, international productions and global distribution. Learn how today's Latin American content industry finds deep engagement across global devices and screens by attending these detailed and rewarding NATPE sessions.

The NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference is happy to bring this exclusive series of intimate and interactive experiences back to Miami. Each Master Class presents an unparalleled opportunity to share time with trend defining media industry leaders, and participate in unique conversations regarding current business models, strategies and best practices. These sessions give the attendee immediate access to the best in class creatives, executives, producers and brands that are at the cutting edge of global media across all platforms. (PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are limited to 50 attendees, and will require advance sign-up to attend - more information will be provided via email to registered NATPE attendees regarding how to ensure your seat. Stay tuned and be ready to sign up: these sessions are sure to fill up fast!) 

Our schedule for the NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference is in active development.  Please check back for additions and updates!