As the way you do business continues to evolve, the tools and resources you need to make it happen must evolve too. Our vision for myNATPE is to create a seamlessly integrated platform within the new website. To ensure that it has the functionality you need, we are launching myNATPE in phases so that we can more closely monitor and implement your feedback.   

Phases Overview

  • Phase One Matchmaking (launch - NATPE Miami 2014): Registrants for NATPE Miami 2014 can receive suggested matches sortable by People, Companies, Products, and Programs. Based on the tags collected during the event registration process, a list of matches with contact info is generated that aligns with what they are looking for at our market & conference.

  • Phase Two Scheduling (launch - NATPE Europe 2014): Building on the matching component, registrants for NATPE Europe 2014 will easily be able to request meetings directly from their list of matches with the click of a button.

  • Phase Three Contacting (launch - NATPE Miami 2015): Through our hybrid of Facebook-esque and LinkedIn-like features, registrants will be able to connect prior to, during and post all NATPE markets and conferences for a richer networking experience.
Estimated Launch for Phase One:  Dec. 1, 2013

Through NATPE™s Navigator initiative (including Navigator packages and access to myNATPE), every effort is made to increase connectivity between buyers and sellers. However, we cannot guarantee that all meeting requests will be confirmed. Certainly, there are several variables which impact the buyers’ decisions to take meetings of which we have no control.